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Senior "F" exams

Senior students who have no outstanding failures on record that would prevent graduation and who fail only one course taken during the first semester of their senior year, and who are candidates for a degree at the end of the second semester, may be eligible to take a re-examination in the course that was failed. These students must not have any outstanding "I" or "NE" grades, either in prior semesters or in the current semester, that would prohibit them from graduating. A senior who fails a course in the second semester may take a re-examination providing the course failed is the only course preventing his or her graduation.

In order to qualify for a Senior "F" exam, students must apply to the Registrar, who will certify the student's eligibility for a re-examination and authorize the instructor to issue the exam to eligible students.

For students who seek to qualify for their bachelor's degree in the spring semester, the following applies:

Students should know that it may not be possible to give a re-examination in courses that require certain physical facilities until those facilities are again available.

For students who seek to qualify for their bachelor's degree in August or December, similar rules apply. The student should consult the Registrar for details.

Under no circumstances will an examination be taken later than one year after the end of the term in which the failure occurred. The results of the re-examination, when passed or failed, will not alter the term or cumulative quality point average previously earned, nor will it remove the "F" grade from the record. When passed, a statement is posted on the transcript stating the failed course was passed by re-examination.